• EXPOSING horrible terrorism agenda, Shocking Art of Deception, Psychological Obliterating Warfare and other global atrocious criminal activities fabricated by different family members against everyone and even their own family in richest or poorest families around the world
  • STOPPING terrorists from influencing/attacking top decision makers in the main global political spectrum of Europe, Canada and US Governments, Military, Banking, Scientific/Educational and Law Enforcement Institutions etc.

protecting humanity

When possible/necessary to protect humanity against different terror threats New Posts will be available and also displayed on our facebook page.
* Be aware that due to different strategic target eradication levels, some or all of our initial posts after some time will not be displayed anymore on this website although in rare cases reactivation and/or updates are possible.

This website is not “owned” by anyone although parts of it share some characteristics with public & private-sector, forglobalsecurity.com as an independent source was established to protect global security against most terrible informational/terror threats.