Psychological Defense states of alert and protection for humanity against daily terror/laws from mentally ill world leaders 

TERROR | Deception
illness - evil 100%
imminent attack
evil corruption 100%
truth 0%

It is becoming clear every day that the world could not support forever such rapid growth in mental health issues/illness of world leaders which are guided by just one rule: ALL IS only FOR themselves and NOTHING FOR HUMANITY but TERROR every single day.


and on complex attack fabricated by mentally ill people/leaders against themselves, everyone and even their own family, under the front guise of medical global issues,  apocalyptic viruses, etc., in reality only irritated by fast growth of common good. In a world and universe where resources are unlimited and forever, the LEADERS insist not getting psychological and psychiatrical therapy/treatment but only to impose their imaginary/evil story about a world that could not support such rapid growth of humanity and consumption. Incapable of organizing a system for humans to evolve safely they continue forever in chaotic, evil, criminal and suicidal actions.

  • EXPOSING horrible terrorism agenda, Shocking Art of Deception, Psychological Obliterating Warfare and other global atrocious criminal activities fabricated by different family members against everyone and even their own family in richest or poorest families around the world
  • STOPPING terrorists from influencing/attacking top decision makers in the main global political spectrum of Governments, Military, Banking, Scientific/Educational and Law Enforcement Institutions etc.